Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Age officer

In the thirtieth time, baoyu saw a girl of daiyu, under the rose frame, with the words of qiang, silently weeping.
How deep is the relationship between a senior official and jia qiang?
In the case of the third sixteen, jia qiang is an old age official. cheap hatsAsk the doctor to take medicine for the age of the aged doctor not to say, spend an eight or eight money to buy a bird that can sing a play only, only to amuse the old officer happy. In the face of the old officials, jia qiang turned a blind eye.
You see, the age officer, jia qiang. Jia qiang's love, the age official also has.
But why is the old officer so miserable?
Only for love and not for love.
The age officer is an opera singer, who can get the love of jia qiang, but can not get the marriage of jia qiang. The man who is in love is also thinking of his future.
At a young age, he "coughed up two blood" and lost his voice, and he could not sing, which was consumption.
When he was old, he would like to take his hand and grow old together, but he could not get married, and he would not be able to stay together.
This is the pain of a young officer.
The age official has the state of daiyu, want to also be a hui-heart person.
Her illness, Cheap jerseys chinawhich had already paid attention to madame wang, was to make sure that the diagnosis was consumptions. If it is, the age officer will not go to the palace to sing for the sissy, only fear that he will leave the jifu at once, and remove the treatment elsewhere. At that time, phthisis was an incurable disease.
From then on, she and jia qiang, even to be separated from heaven.
This is the age of an official.
And the most important thing for me, even if I have coughed up my blood, if I have to sing it, I will sing it. To sing for the lover, even if the blood wept, the age officer would be willing. This is the song of the cry.
The bird that jia qiang buys for the aged official is jade top gold bean, is also a golden jade good luck metaphor. For the children of jia fu, jinyu liangyuan is not a baoyu patent. As the jia jia qiang lineal, Jia Zhen bastard, Jia Zhen wouldn't allow jia qiang marry a player, and is Jia Fu shopping credits, this is officer jia qiang and age at the root of the tragedy.
Jia qiang and ling guan, two of a kind, can't make a good match, not even the prime minister.
As a result, the little old man died, Cheap nfl jerseysand cool jia qiang ran away from home.
This is the death of a senior official.

Why didn't xue suddenly matter

Xue baoqin, the dream of the red mansions is not early, she appeared in the time of the 49th return, but to her inks a lot of.
Xue baoqin came to jia fu, and it was like a fairy godmother to him, and the two jade children both leaned back. She was also a valuable dress for the wild duck, Wholesale jerseys nfland she stayed with her, so that she could see her love for xue baoqin.
Why does xue baoqin suddenly not matter in the dream of red mansions?
Later, jia mother asked her aunt xue for the birth of xue baoqin, and the clever aunt xue immediately understood the intention of jia mother and used her engagement to make her dead. Although jia feel pity, search also said already bullish on a pair of, suddenly have somebody else's really a pity, the search of sense motive I knew the meaning of the jia, so when xue plum home, aunt say Xue Baoqin already engagement search regrets regrettablly.
Why is xue baoqin suddenly not important in the dream of red mansions?

Someone actually said jia make hands is very high, both refused to take up xue family treasure chai, and give the aunt xue face and mesa, but aunt xue pretended not to understand, to Xue Baoqin has been engaged for refusing to the meaning of jia, and then asked the XingXiu smoke of jia xue Ke, is gained the upper hand.
Why is xue baoqin suddenly not important in the dream of red mansions?

But it is a pity that xue baoqin is such a perfect person, she appeared suddenly and the end is very sudden. After writing a few words of xue baoqin, she suddenly disappeared and became no longer important, which was a little confused.
So why is xue no longer important?
First, jia's mother refused xue baochai. Several wrote in the book, xue baochai is is very beautiful, but came a sister took xue baochai is better than bottom go to, cheap nfl hatsnot only jia like something, and give valuable clothes of wild ducks, and personally arrange her daily life, have what idea, again ask her birth horoscope, even later, jia know she has been engaged, Mrs King was forced to acknowledge her to do the dry daughter, visible jia sincerely love this child, began to borrow she refused xue baochai is, but it is really like her.
Why is xue baoqin suddenly not important in the dream of red mansions?

Second, the author doesn't like her. The author made her appear mainly to aggravate contradictions, create contradictions, and make the plot better. Although xue baoqin is a perfect person, the author doesn't seem to like her, and after several important appearances, the author seems to have forgotten her and never heard from her again. In the later 40 years of the gao hawk, a single xue baoqin married the family, and was very happy and relieved. But cao gong's first 80 times did not seem to have handed the happy ending to xue baoqin, but did not let her into the twelve flowers, should she have a good ending.
Why is xue baoqin suddenly not important in the dream of red mansions?

Then, xue baoqin is not a thin life. From Xue Baoqin home environment, Xue Baoqin end is not rush, even lost his father, but life is guaranteed, not the real tragedy, even didn't marry mei home later, also not a real sense of tragedy, and a lot of people think she finally married plum home, live a happy life, so she to rush, become no longer important, suddenly disappeared.
If not suddenly disappeared, according to the previous jia for her love, but also the mind of the jia, Xue Baoqin is expected to be with the dai jade as moths emperor married female the treasure jade, just Xue Baoqin have somebody else, jia is not good again say in this matter, but also from the side refused treasure chai, visible jia this recruit is high, rejected the jinzan xue baochai, give the aunt xue and Mrs King face again.
Why is xue baoqin suddenly not important in the dream of red mansions?

One day, but jia did not anticipate, treasure chai or replaced the dai jade married baoyu, this is she don't want to see the result, it's a pity that she can not change, nfl jerseys cheapthis is the life of the dai jade, is also the inevitable love tragedy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy children's day

today it is the first day of Jun , it is children day , cheap hatsprimary student no need go to  school,  it is twenty -first century , there are lots of activities suit for children play , different children like different style games ( physical  activity or  mental activity ), such as puzzle game ,creation ,play balls ,swimming , read story book ,dancing program and so on ,they are too much choice , they are live in a lucky generation .
compare with mine , we were born in 80s, we also has lots of interesting games , but the style is  big different with now days  , it is good memories for me , sometimes I play with my son about my childhood games , Cheap jerseyshe felt interesting .
it is important for keep a children heart .

The most handsone man

These days i  am chasing ODE TO JOY season 2, I found the man in the TV play are the chef. cheap nfl hats, There are so familar in cooking.
Suddenly, i found the man in the kitchen is most handsome in the world.
In our traditional mind, Maybe all the trifles in the kitchen is belong to women.But nowadays,if you find it carefully you can see that many man can cook well especially cook the western food.
For example, in my family, if my husband is at home. He will cooking. His cooking skills is better than me. Most of my friends know it and they 'd like come for visit when his is back. Once one of my close friend will come my home since her daughter want to play with my daughter, the first faction to his husband is to check if my husband at home or not. When he got that he is not in. He bought a bowl of noodle before coming.But last time, His wife suggest that he did not eat breakfast when he got my husband will cook the meal.
Maybe it is the trend. But anyway, I like man cooking in the kitchen , They are extremenly handsome and attractive at that time, nfl jerseys cheapespecially for those with familar cooking.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Terran Lou contest made fun of reporters after the game

The cavaliers beat the celtics at home on May 24, just a step away from this year's NBA finals. After the game, cheap nfl fitted hatsthe cavaliers coach tyleno Lew joked with the reporters.
After the last game, loss of James for the journalists from Ohio WHBC radio Kenny Roda, he said to Kenny: "it seems that you only when we lose, to ask questions, you are so strange that Kenny, (you) will always appear when we lose, I swear."
In today's game, Kenny back to the scene, he put forward problem to tryon - lu, lu smiled and repeated to him a game on lebron said to him: "Kenny, you always come when we lose, it's very funny brother, you will always be in when we lost to ask questions."
Tryon - Lou humor caused in the place of someone laugh, Kenny and also send congratulations to the victory of the knight today, he said to tryon Lou: "I am here now, cheap nfl snapback hatstonight is a beautiful victory."
James: you always ask questions when we lose

Continue to fight

On May 24, the Cleveland cavaliers beat the celtics 112-99 in today's game.
Owen said at a news conference after the game: "Celtic are a very organized team, they all give full play to its own strength, cheap MLB Hatsgive us trouble, they will not give up, always against us. The third quarter and the fourth quarter, we try to guard against each other more. I've been told myself, 'can't let the subconscious opponent levelled, not with a 2-2 scoreline to Boston."
Owen went on to say: "my ankle twisted to a lot of times, I told myself or let yourself feel the pain, or to stand up to fight on, forget the pain. I know after return home tonight, when everything is calm down, the pain will find me again."
But when it comes to fight together with James, Owen said: "you have to put aside personal goals, this is the best team I played, don't lie. I just want to win, playing all bullets lighting, again see how the results, cheap nba hatsthis is what I want to do."

Owen: the ankle is ok

Beijing time on May 24 In game 4 of the eastern conference finals series just finished, knight complete reversal at home, in a 112-112 victory over the celtics, cheap nhl jerseysto make a big score rewriting is 3-1 series.
Cavaliers star kyrie irving scored a career-high 42 points in 41 minutes, with three rebounds and four assists.
When it comes to the reason of his excellent performance, Owen said: "why? Why we will go all out is to get yourself back to the finals, we know that we will meet the target, we win some difficult, this (victory) is more important than the individual, and 48 minutes in a game, I need to play more aggressive, and then play lead teammates, put all the ability to play on the pitch."
In a critical moment in the third quarter, cheap ncaa jerseysOwen had turned his ankle in an attack, and he said the injury was not serious.
"I'm fine, all of this is not a problem at this time, to the most critical time, I will from time to time, for this I had been dreaming of this day, have already can't wait, my teammates are incredibly hard, we need to unite as one to move on."
Only one victory will go to the finals, and Owen says the team needs to keep trying.
"Keep trying, we care about winning in Boston, cheap soccer jerseysyou know, our goal is to go back to the finals."
The fifth game will be held at 8:30 a.m. Beijing time on May 26.